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over a marriage proposal that used taxpayer resources. on august 7th, on board a friend's boat in the harbor, cardin admits to using a police helicopter to fake a police raid. it was meant to throw his fiance off guard before popping the question. >> my command staff folks have instructed their subordinates to begin an investigation. >> reporter: they are supposed to be used to combat crime. >> i don't know, though, that this is much beyond the scope of a couple of officers who used poor judgment. and i'm going to reserve much more comment until i know more of the facts. >> reporter: an aide for delegate cardin tells eyewitness news that the delegate is unavailable for questions because he is currently out of town. but here at his home, a handyman told us he has been in contact with cardin with a cell phone. once again, we asked that aide to pass along the request for a interview. >> reporter: instead, they released a statement that said, i should have considered that city resources should have been involved and used better resources. i would reimburse the city for whatever co
>> they found illegal doses of propofol. this is a powerful anesthetic, typically used at hospitals for surgery. they found it in dr. conrad murray's bags. according to the investigation, he told investigators he had been giving michael jackson the propofol to treat sleeplessness. >> i have done all i can do. i told the truth. and i have faith, the truth will prevail. >> reporter: the warrant also states that dr. murray was worried that jackson was adijted to -- addicted to the drug and was trying to get him off of it. but after jackson repeatedly demanded the drug, he gave him some, and jackson died. >> reporter: while jackson's death is considered a homicide, so far, no one has been charged and no one has been arrested. >> michael jackson was 50 years old. he is scheduled to be buried next month. >>> back here in maryland, police are investigating the murder of a man found shot in his baltimore county home. adam may explains, there was no forced entry to the home, making the homicide even more puzzling. adam? >> reporter: yeah, sally, and a very unusual neighborhood. police say th
, that will be with us tonight. from elkton, north of dover, south of that region, more storms from henderson to delaware, salisbury, yet to see it. it's beginning to weaken. we have another batch to the west, that is probably going to get us around 8:00 tonight. some of the storms produce heavy rain and maybe some brief gusty winds. >> thank you. two teenagers charged in what is called a hate crime will spend the next month in jail. >> reporter: the teens charged with attempted murder. a judge ordered the two held without bail. the teens were with calvin when he beat a man early tuesday. the 76-year-old was fishing at the park. he's a white supremacist. after the beating, the summit stole his suv to get away. they were with him but did not participate in the beatings according to them. >> a preliminary hearing scheduled for september 18th. >>> an inmate wanted for >> for wjz, the government is putting the brakes on the "cash for clunkers" program. >>> douglas smith took a look at the ford hybrid and sat down to fill out the paper work. >> he got here just in time to save $4500. the "cash for clunk
for a possible hit. meteorologist tim williams is keeping an eye on the tropics for us, tracking hurricane bill. what's the latest? >> that storm is going to be following a very narrow path, going through bermuda and the united states. it is currently about 600 miles to the south of bermuda now. and moving just off to the northwest. this is the epihansed satellite -- enhanced satellite picture, with that very, very distinguished eye there. this is sending it out, around 100 miles out or so from the center. and tropical storm forced winds farther out from that, closer to about 150 to 200 miles out. this is the way the storm is off shaping up. category 3 storms with gusts up to 155. this storm is going to be moving into the direction of the mainland u.s., moving to the northwest, at just around 18 miles per hour. but expected to make a pretty wide sweeping right turn before making any contact with any land. no landfall expected out of this storm, i should say. it is going to be moving up to the northwest. as it starts to move just along the coastline, we'll expect to see heavy swells. very strong
and police and in the partnership that we need more laws to help us do a better job. >> >> reporter: and another problem with the violence is the stop snitching mentality and in this case, the victims aren't wrap rating when it comes to providing a description of the suspect. adam may, wjz-13. >>> and the owners are cooperating with the investigation. >>> and tonight a prisoner accused of assaults a deputy is on the loose and the police hope that a reward will help catch him. >> well, the award leading to the arrest of the 20-year-old is up to a thousand dollars. he escaped from if custody last thursday after he used his handcuffs to choke a deputy taking him from the courthouse. he was convicted of theft and he's charged with attempted murder aeroened the police have one tip another case. >> anyone with information about the where abouts of the man is asked to call the police. >>> four beat a girl in anne arundel and a 17-year-old was beaten by four other girls. she was taken to shock trauma with not life threatening injuries. >>> wellings after a very slow start,the 2009 storm sea
theft. he was using a screwdriver and they felt like they had to shoot him. >>> okay, kelly, thank you. the 34-year-old officer who shot the suspect has been with the office for 16 years. >> and nearly a dozen are hospitalized after a carbon monoxide leak in baltimore county. >> reporter: well, ten including four children were taken to bay view and fire county arrested two on chip brand road at 1:00 this morning fire officials believe that hot water heaters caused the carbon monoxide leak. all of the people sick are going to be okay. >>> the owner of the complex said it's in the process of having a contractor conduct inspections of all of the townhouse units. >>> a man and woman are accused of filming child porn with children ages 2 to 13. weijia jiang beam has the latest on the charges they face. >> reporter: a couple used their medical backed to subdue and terrorize children. >> reporter: the couple faces charges of filming, distributing and promoting child pornography. >> it's gross, it's indecent. there's no term other than a foul term to describe this. >> reporter: the suspects ar
's a time of memory. and it just means a lot to us. kennedy family and all that they've contributed to us and our country. >> reporter: more than 50 of kennedy's senate colleagues plan to pay their respects here before saturday's funeral mass. all of the living former presidents are expected to attend the sex. and president obama will speak. >> reporter: earlier, the kennedy family gathered for a private mass at the hyannis port compound. kennedy's wife, children, along with scores of nieces, nephews, and grandchildren, watched as his casket was placed in the heforts. they -- hearst. >> they knew him as uncle teddy. but his aspirations also touched those who never met him. >> if we see something wrong in this country, we should do something about it, not just stand back. >> reporter: and the last kennedy brother will be laid to rest at arlington national cemetery. karen brown, cbs news, boston. >>> and make sure to stay with wjz eyewitness news for complete coverage of the passing of senator ted kennedy for a slide show. just log onto >>> tropical storm danny is gaining strength
leaves an enormous hole in the u.s. senate. his skills were key to the passage of legislation. >> reporter: many also spoke about the senator's gift of effortlessly weaving his charisma into his work. >> reporter: senator kennedy brought out the best in those around him. he was the same, good-hearted guy whether he was at a bowling alley or meeting with international leaders. >> they could use that to broker a compromise, to strike a compromise. and i wish we had more people like that these days in washington. >> reporter: all the maryland lawmakers we spoke with today mentioned the senator's leadership in the healthcare arena. they hope congress considers his lifetime work as this tough debate in washington rolls on. >> okay, weijia, thank you. stay with wjz for complete coverage of ted kennedy's passing. remember, wjz is always on. for a slide show, extra video, and more reaction, log onto >>> and tonight, don't miss a cbs news special. kennedy, the last brother. that's right here on wjz 13. >>> our other top story tonight. we're tracking another storm as it gains s
on leave. but the driver said she used the phone to call the center when her work-issued radio was not working. >>> no rain in sight. it was sunny for miles today. here's a live look at camden yards. how's the forecast looking for today's o's game? bob turk. >> we have pretty nice weather this afternoon. look at radar. nothing around here. but down to our south, there's all kinds of rain going on. down along the virginia coast there. lots of showers and storms norfolk area and down toward carolinas. all the way into georgia. nice and warm temps. if you're heading out to the game tonight. tim williams with a look at the outback. >> key is the high pressure is building in. with that high comes warm, humid air wrapped around it. so our temperatures will go up. and humidity levels go up. great night to be back at the ballpark. scientists say the humidity in the air makes the night lighter. makes for home runs in the ballpark. angels taking on the orioles. firstpitch at 7:05. we'll have more on your first warning forecast coming up in a few moments. back inside. >> thank you, tim. >
. and come down and help us out. and brought coolers. and just good people. >> good people, pulling together at a very bad time. alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. >>> because of the extent of the damage, investigators cannot begin their job until debris is removed by heavy equipment. >>> it's not exactly cool outside. but it's not nearly as hot as the beginning of the week. here's a live look outside. showers headed our way. bob turk has a look at the updated first warning forecast. >>> all right. we do have some shower activity. not right here, now. but there is a lot to our east and to our west. take a look at radar. a whole batch here on eastern shore. particularly around dover down to henderson. denton, easton. pretty heavy shower activity. some reporting an inch or more in an hour or two. they seem to be dying out just a bit. from trappe. another batch out to the west of us. most of this in the mountain areas this. is heading out to the east. it's possible in the baltimore region. might see a few showers and thundershowers. one or two beginning to pop up right now. south of the city.
, if you're not getting any better, come see us. >> reporter: 20 schools were dismissed just before noon. >> they let us out early. because they don't really have air conditioning. >> i think it was 98, 97. it was really hot. >> city officials issue a warning for residents. >> try not to be out in the heat. especially if you have health issues. >> reporter: so far, none of the hospitals in the area are reporting any heat-related illnesses. a lot of people appear to be taking precautions here. a lot of people walking around with bottled water. we should also mention that marc train service has been delayed about 15 minutes. >> adam, thank you. remember to stay with eyewitness news for first warning weather coverage. wjz is always on. for instant updates on the forecast. a list of cooling centers around the city. and any summer school sessions closing because of the heat, go to our website, >>> one suspect is still on the loose after a barricade situation in northeast baltimore. vic is live with more on what happened. and it involved an elderly man. >> police responded to a robber
, some schools will close. and if they do, it's important to all of us that our students cob to learn. >> reporter: starting next week, scientists at the university of maryland school of medicine will begin trials on a new h1n1 vaccine. this doctor is leading the study. >>> we will be giving the swine flu vaccine to volunteers who are young adults in the 18 to 64 age group. >> volunteers will be given two dozes, three weeks apart. that's why scientists can determine whether one or two doses are necessary. >> there are questions about the best dose to give and the best number of doses to give. >> reporter: in maryland, there are 766 confirmed cases of h1n1. five people have died from the virus. if the h1n1 vaccine proves effective, it will likely be ready for distribution in october. it's unclear where the vaccine will be available and how much it will cost. the government is looking into whether schools will be turned into vaccine clinics. >> they have prepared a seasonal flu vaccine that should be available shortly, so we would first recommend that people who are ready and willing to
. >> the juvenile justice system as it exists today in maryland has outlived its usefulness. >> this video shows the senseless brutal act that changed her life forever, will be key in davis' defense. >> and davis remains in custody at this hour. he is charged with many serious charges, including attempted first-degree murder. kai? >> mike, thank you. that's mike hellgren, reporting live. >>> police say witnesses identified davis through photo lineups. >> the mother of a baltimore toddler, starved to death, will be released from jail and sent to a counseling center in northeast maryland. vic is live in the newsroom with the latest. vic? >> reporter: ria ramkissoon pleaded guilty to taking part in in a cult that starved her son to death. they stopped feeding the boy, when he refused to say amen after meals. his body was found last year in a suitcase in pennsylvania. as part of her plea dealt, ram kiss -- deal, ramkissoon agreed to testify against the other cult members. >>> a 93-year-old baltimore man says he's glad to be alive tonight after being held hostage in his home for hours by an armed man
worker is affected. and they believe they have already sacrificed enough. >> they're not nibbling at us anymore. you know, this governor is taking bites. >> reporter: only wjz was outside the state office building on preston street, where outraged workers held an impromptu protest over layoffs and furloughs. >> i've been with the state going on 30-something years or more. but i have never seen it as bad as it is now. >> reporter: not only are they upset at being forced to take days off without pay -- >> thank god i don't have a house note. thank god for that. what if i did? i'd be in a lot of trouble. just like a lot of other state employees. >> reporter: but also, many are scared they could lose everything. >> what are we going to do? lose our home? and sooner or later, we'll be homeless on the streets, too. >> she has seen friends lose their jobs. >> it's terror. absolute terror. where do you go? what do you do? >> your stomach is going to drop. it's just going to drop. and we're going to be terrified. because i was. >> and i think we issue -- we are going to have to tell them, we're
, five more feet to the left, it would have fell right on top of us. we're very lucky. going to have to say some extra prayers this weekend, i guess. >> in the chase area of baltimore county. it suffered major damage after a possible lightning strike, as the storm swept east for the bay. >> it was scary. i mean, really scary. i'll tell you. i've been living in this area for quite a while. and i've never experienced any -- any storm, with the lightning and thunder like that storm. i mean, it was frightening. >> reporter: timing of the storm may have been a blessing. with most people staying safe inside. even if they weren't able to sleep through the storm. back to you on tv hill. >> wjz is always on for an updated forecast. log onto >>> they're paying their respects. today, tens of thousands of people flock to boston, paying tribute to senator edward kennedy. today, whit johnson reports for wjz, that the family has been surprised and touched by the public's response. >> reporter: members of the kennedy family saw a moving tribute in this sea of people. >> i don't think there
on it. >> to tart the day with us. how cool is that? >> there. >> reporter: more than 80,000 students and educators in baltimore. >> good morning. >> reporter: they marked a fresh beginning. >> i'm freaked out a little bit. >> reporter: the head of the city schools says his challenging include improving attendance and test scores. >> the math scores went up and they need to go up more this year. >> reporter: this high school underwent the biggest transportation, a $30 million renovation for the students in the medical field and they were addressed today. >> you have a bright future, you have a tremendous brain, you have one of the best facilities in the united states. >> we're going to continue to make investments in the schools. it's critical, if we'll create the sort of work force we need to compete, we have to invest in modern classrooms. >> reporter: we spoke with the head of the second largest teacher's union who made baltimore a stop on the tour. >> you see, in the greatest recession since the great depression, the ability to have the facility for the kids. it's say
for widespread use by october. health officials do expect more flu-related deaths in the state of maryland. sally, back to you. >> thanks, vic. over 400 people from the united states have died from the h1n1 virus. >>> the white house is taking the push for health care reform online. supporters have been asked reason for reform. joel brown reports for wjz. despite those efforts, protestors are still speaking their minds. >> reporter: president obama is counting on his supporters to help him take back control of the debate over healthcare reform. they're showing up outside some town hall meetings, trying to counter the vocal critics of the president's plan. >> health insurance hasn't changed. [ inaudible ] >> better than a private sector job can. >> reporter: now, the white house is taking the fight for reform online. a top aide to the president sent this e-mail to supporters and asked them to forward it on to others. it lists reasons to support the obama administration's agenda. and takes some charges in the reform plan. >> it is important to address misconceptions or misimpressions that have been
today they intend to it. >> they plan to do it later. >>> cell phone use in prisons is one step closer to being impossible for inmates. >> a senate committee approved a measure to allow jamming of cell phones in prisons. supporters say it's important to keep inmates from setting up crimes in prison. it would give states an opportunity to petition for permission to use the technology that exists. the bill is being sponsored by maryland senator. >>> the measure heads to the senate. >>> a class in pennsylvania sprayed with bullets killing three women. we're learning more about the man police say is responsible. at the health club where it happened. >> reporter: the man police open fire in this gym outside of pittsburgh was a loner. he killed three women and himself. >> we do not belief that any woman that was shot or anyone said they had a relationship with this man. >> reporter: on a web site register to his name, he wrote he hadn't had a girlfriend since 194. he say women don't like me. there are 30 million desirable women in the u.s. and i cannot find one. he talked about plans for
us warm and muggy weather. will it continue to rise as the week goes on? bob turk and brenda. >>> tomorrow the same, chances of showers and thunderstorm, that will cool things down. look at radar. showers in the last hour, most of them are pretty much gone now. a pretty good one by bel air, aberdeen. practically nothing left by the time it has moved up and a pretty good storm just to the west of fen wick delaware and that will be approaching the northern areas. nutting in ocean city. a few more also -- nutting in ocean city. a few more also died out. mountain regions to the west, they will not effect the region. may go south of washington but right now from the city quiet. bernadette has an interesting look at amazing rainfall statistics for this year. bernadette. >> it has been pretty incredible. we all know we have been up and down with our streaks. we started out very dry and then got very wet. but here are some to have numbers to take you through the season so far. a different way we haven't looked at them before. when we were at our worst, middle to end of march but the
please speak with us? >> reporter: dixon is not the first maryland politician to face this type of scrutiny. tommy bromwell entered a guilty plea avoiding a trial. ruth ann aaron claimed there was no way an impartial jury could be seated in her trial for plotting to kill her husband. the first one ended in a hung jury. she later pleaded no contest. >> we're thanking god and giving him all of the praises. >> reporter: juror as quitted larry jowng -- jurors acquitted young. >> what made up our minds? the evidence. >> reporter: he was the last big politician the state prosecutor's office charged before mayor dixon, whose position could benefit her. >> whether or not mayor dixon testifies will probably have the greatest bearing on this case. the jury, as you may recall from past cases, even the o.j. simpson case can have a huge bearing on the ultimate outcome of the case. i think this case will be one of those cases. >> the mayor's lawyers plan to file several motions to get the case dismissed before it even goes to trial. at city hall, mike hellgren, wjz "eyewitness news." >> than
.m. and open at 7:00 a.m. >>> a major u.s. retailer is getting a makeover. wal-mart is rolling back its sleeves and changing its look. weijia jiang explains what you could soon see in your neighborhood store. >> reporter: if this is wal- mart as you know it, say your goodbyes. >> we have, over the last couple of years, changed our brand. and now we are rolling it out nationwide. and this is what the new wal- mart store of the future is going to look like. >> reporter: this is one of the first of the area to be completely revamped. wal-mart plans to remodel 76% of its store. >> bigger. >> product displays. >> it was a mes. and you -- mess. and you couldn't get around. >> we're going to leave it open for you. >> one of the most noticeable differences is the aisle space. there's a lot more of it. you can line up about five carts in an aisle, which gives the customer a lot more room to shop. >> it's more modernized. the electronics are so much nicer. it's more inviting. >> reporter: because the lights are brighter. the electronics and food department are four times bigger. the signs are easier to r
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